Re-Invent Yourself

Re-Invent Yourself
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Extensions have made a huge turnaround. From the Bad Brittany Hair to Brilliant Natural Extensions. Perfectress Sets a high Standard!

Beauty Hairess: Extensions: From Brittany to Brilliant: Throughout my years behind the chair  many extensions and trends have come my way.   I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty Hairess: Moving Salons

Beauty Hairess: Moving Salons: "Well, Let me just put it this way, IT AINT EASY~ but may be LIFECHANGING For a Hairdresser to move salons, it's quite a big decision ri..."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Salons

Well, Let me just put it this way,


  1. For a Hairdresser to move salons, it's quite a big decision right?  First, you must ask yourself, What do I want out of this.  There is a lot on the table that has to be weighed. 
  2. Can you still use the haircolor and products that you believe in?  That's a deal breaker for me.
  3. What is your Mission and Vision?  Can it be supported here?
  4. Is it convenient for your clients? ie: location, parking, hours
  5. Do you have a team to support you?
Now that you have answered these questions, you can assess whether you are happy and complacent where you are now, or if it's time to move on.  For myself, I need a place to do my work that gives me the optimal space possible to create.  Being surrounded by those who do not share this ideal is against what I believe in.

 It's different for each hair dresser.  You must know what it is that helps you perform your best work possible.  It's all about your guest's experience, from the front door greeting to each space you carry your client through.

 I expect the highest level of professionalism, the best in eco-conscious products to support my vision of creating beauty sustainably.  If you know what you want, that will help you to determine where to go or if you should stay.

 Don't just leave to leave.  Leave if your heart leads you to make a change to take a step forward toward your career goals. 

If you make the decision to go, you will most likely NOT be supported by your current salon.  That's just the biz.

Do your homework, because there's no telling what kind of "mistakes" were made on your client profiles in your computer bookings.  From my experience, anything can happen.  No one will care about your client files like you do, so make sure and get them.  Double Check everything before you go. 

Sometimes you leave a salon for personal reasons.  Sometimes for Professional.  Whatever it may be, Go "all in" when you seek out your goals for your future, with the best intentions in mind for your guests. 

It's not easy, it can be scary, but it also can change everything.  If your clients have faith in you, they will follow your decisions.  Move on, Carry on, Be the best you can be.  And, leave the past place as a stepping stone on your journey. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Extensions: From Brittany to Brilliant

Throughout my years behind the chair  many extensions and trends have come my way.   I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.  Extensions are relatively new but well known in the hair industry.  Every pop starlet and reality TV chick in America has adorned them.  Almost every photo shoot since 2000 showcases some hot model or celeb with long luxurious hair.  Some looked good, and some looked horrid, and it gave extensions a bad wrap! Let's take a look at Brittany Spears' hair gone wild.

What was her hairdresser thinking?  Well, he wasn't trained properly. That's for sure!  Her thousands spent on an application of keratin bonded extensions was all for the embarrassment of the world to scoff.  What went wrong?  Is it her hair that's bad?

Don't blame Brittany's hair or Kate Gosslin for sporting these locks.  Blame their hair dresser and the extension company used on them.  They didn't do their research.  There are many brands on the market like Paris Hilton, Great Lengths, and Jessica Simpson just to name a few.

I made the same mistakes as these celebrity hair dressers.  Nobody knew better.... Until NOW!  I finally discovered the secret thanks to Perfectress and international extension specialist, Mario Degroot.   The difference between everything else on the market and Perfectress are a few MAJOR details.  

The hair in every extension company can only be attached in a few ways:
~Keratin Bonds (when heated the bond crystallizes or melts, you wrap it around the hair and it re-hardens)

~Beaded bonds (an alluminum bead is threaded onto the natural hair and the extension is attached and clamped with a plier like tool)

~Sew in weft (a portion of the hair is braided horizontally and the weft of hair is actually sewn into the braid)

 Perfectress hair is already attached to bond. 

My discovery?  Someone out smarted everyone else. Yes, the brilliant minds behind Perfectress.  What makes them better, you ask?  What makes them different?  Well I'm so glad you asked!
Not only is the hair attached to an alloy bead already, but it's double drawn, remy hair that wraps around the entire bead.  Everything else just sits on the top surface.  Single drawn hair is most commonly used with every extension line giving thinner ends and less to work with.  It's really hard to blend thicker hair with thinner ends. Read here in Wikipedia for more details on the difference of these.

I was lucky enough to attend a training with Mr. Mario Degroot himself and discovered what went wrong with these highly paid hair dressers and the secret to a lengthening success.  Not only were the extension lines chosen not the best option for these millionaire clients and the rest of the world, but the application thought process is completely off!  They are ruining the hair by not taking proper sectioning and tension to hold the hair and keep it from slipping out, itching and dreading up.

 I discovered the best extensions ever, Perfectess, and everything about them is perfect.  But, the hair dresser needs to be trained properly by Perfectress.  From experience I would not be confident that they are being applied properly without education.  The secret is in the application, and this was my major take away from the training I received. Another benefit is the hair can be re-used at least 3 times making it more affordable.  There is no damage to the hair.  The extension can be re-formed and re-used, and you absolutely cannot tell they are in the hair without digging through it. That changed everything for me.

So, if you're looking for the creme de la creme and want to get your money's worth, do your research and discover the BEST EXTENSIONS IN THE WORLD.  Make sure the hair dresser has been certified and approved to use them by Perfectress, and you will be amazed by the quality of the hair and the easy application that does not require a lot of time.  
You too will discover the WoW Factor I did~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As a hairdresser in the 2000's, everything was in transition: the trends, the ability to be someone completely different looking in no time, and technology had changed.  All hair colour companies competed, producing the most gorgeous haircolour ever imagined.  Prettier than natural hair could ever dream of being, and EVERY BODY WANTED IT.  Salons became busy with coloring.  Base Colours, Hilights, Color Blocking and Dimensional Haircolour were on every woman's mind.  Even the guys jumped on board. You could be anything you wanted.

Then came the root rot, the soft colours, and everything started to become softer, not harsher.  Clients were just getting used to drastic chunks of this and that in their hair, and we changed them to softer.  It was a beautiful few years, and then the economy crashed and everyone started cutting back, and hence the home haircolour was an option people were ready to face again.

As a colorist and an educator, it's hard NOT to notice when I see a home dye job, for these reasons:  I wish I could have formulated their colour.  The boxes of colour on the market give you an idea of what is in the box.  It's never an exact.  So it's just an estimated guess.  The problem is that it doesn't know YOU, or what colour your hair really is, or the underlying pigment in your hair.  These qualities mean everything when formulating and choosing a haircolour line.  Colour is based on the level of lightness or darkness of your hair, and tones that underly inside the hair shaft.  A hairdresser's job is to identify these, and create a formula to guarantee the chosen shade, and IT IS A SCIENCE!

Each time I see a home hair job, I feel bad that I didn't apply it myself.  If I wasn't trying to make a living, I would offer to do it for free.  Sometimes I wonder if people realize that a base colour really isn't that much money.  Why don't people come get their hair cut at a separate time from colour?  Why don't they get products sometime in between?

If you do have to do your hair at home, try to guess a shade that seems closest to your natural.  Have someone else apply the colour for you to ensure better coverage, and make sure not to run it through your ends all the time.  I have heard there are all kinds of dyes in these products and you don't want them overlapping eachother.

And finally, don't cut your hair at home what ever you do.  Some of our shears are made out of Japenese steele, yes, mini Japenese swords.  I offer my guests free bang trims.  Nobody wants raggedy uneven hair!

This is the year of re-inventing yourself.  Do something different with your hair.  Make a total Change.
Red heads are rare and are taking the place of blondes going from gold in the spring to roaring redheads, it's time to do something this decade!  Start with your hair!  Don't be a maintenance mamma this year!  Be the first to do something different for yourself!  Talk to a stylist about your options to change your haircolur.  Make sure they come highly recommended and are there to make you look your best.  Make sure you both are on the same page.

On home haircolour, knowing what I know about them, I say skip the new outfit, dinner out or something you can do some other time, and change your haircolour.  It is a New YOU this 2011!  Kick it off with a bang!

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