Re-Invent Yourself

Re-Invent Yourself
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Friday, January 7, 2011

All Hair is NOT created equal!

Just as all of our fingerprints are unique, so is each strand of hair.  None alike, and you deal with it everyday.  I mean, it is one of your greatest accessories, right? or Worst one.  And I find for most people you're not going to spend the kind of time I would on your morning blowdry.  So what to do? How is it that hair is such an issue?  Shouldn't we all be born with a manual so our mothers don't freak out when she can't figure out what to do with our hair?  It would avoid the pictures you don't want to show, the hair you hated as a child.  I always loved my girlfriends hair, but never my own.  I felt it an exercise in frustration everyday trying to create something that didn't just look disasterous.  This is part of what led me to pursuing hairdressing.  For you, I say there is HOPE! Hair has been quite a discovery for me, so many types, so many textures, and Colour, ahhhh the ta'da! factor is a brilliant tool to create an entire new look for someone.  There are so many options in haircolour and product today, and so many questions about what's best, what's good but doesn't break the bank and upkeep!  I think this is why so many take the "I'll do it Myself" factor.  But deep inside you know it could look better.  YOU could look better, younger, brighter, and guess what that does?  Helps with depression.  When you look in the mirror you like the image you see, you feel better about yourself and you're ready to face each day with confidence! But how do we achieve this?  Well, I'm here to offer advice.  It's all  my opinions and experiences, but I feel it will be valuable and fun to share secrets, ideas, pictures and advice.