Re-Invent Yourself

Re-Invent Yourself
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Hair

Well, here we are, 2011, in the heart of winter, and our hair is snapping into pieces! AGH!  What is going on?  Why is this happening?  Where is the volume?  Our lips are dry our skin is flaking, oh and embarrassingly our scalp is too!  Why?  The humidity is gone and our bodies are begging for moisture. 

 When it comes to your hair, it's time to pull out that pocket-book, head to a respected salon, and get yourself a mask.  What? you don't have time?  Take 1 long shower a week and leave it on, or on a day off wear around the house for 15 minutes.  JUST DO IT!  Your scalp will need some extra attention when it comes to shampoo and conditioning. Massaging is the trick, and using moisturizing shampoo during the winter that you may not choose in the hot months is a very good idea.

  I recommend Davines yummy products.  The Momo, LOVE, Melu, and Nourishing Remedy Shampoos are awesome, as well as Eufora Moisture Cleanse and Hydrating Shampoos. & 
 As far as a snack for your hair goes, these companies have powerful eco-conscious, organically derived conditioners that will give you the drink your hair needs.  Whatever brand you choose, do your research, find a salon and treat your hair to a good one.  You could also do an in salon treatment that is more powerful than what you can take home. 

 If you don't have a hairdresser, Get one!  Really!  Find someone who will really take the time to give honest good advice.  Ask your friend, or a stranger while out shoping who has gorgeous hair.  And Ask questions to your stylist if you ever have concerns.  If your stylist isn't giving you the attention you deserve, Fire them!  Your hair has to be worn each and every day!  Why not love it?  This winter hair that is breaking in half could be shiny and soft.  Going with your natural textue this time of year is a Great idea. 

 Don't go against the curls, find a way to embrace them.  Blowdry less.  I have fine naturally wavy hair, so i use Davines Sea Salt Primer and Melu Shield every day in my hair and I don't have to blowdry.  There are ways around blowdrying so much, but if you have to, use a product that gives moisture to your ends, like Eufora beautifying serum. But like I said whatever your stylist recommends and isn't just trying to "sell you stuff", take the advice.  I tell my clients if their wallet is tight, come in between your services and purchase your products, and you don't have to get them all at once.  Just get a regimen.  I guarantee you the difference between drug store items and professional items is low grade ingredients and little of them and high grade, high quality and pure ingredients.  Did you know that your average drug-store shampoo has a harsh cleansing agent called sodium laurel sulfate and a lot of it in there, mixed with 75% water, mixed with dimethicone (low grade plastic) which gives shine, the first few times, and a small amount of the few other ingredients thrown out on the commercials or front of the packaging! Then all of a sudden your hair is dry and tangled and just GROSS!  No wonder you have greasy dandruff! No wonder it always feels dry!  You are putting plastic on your hair! How in the world is any kind of conditioner going to penetrate through plastic?  That's what we store it in.

  Now, if you have made this choice and want to reverse the results, go get a clarifying treatment, or purchase a good shampoo and mix with baking soda, leave on a few minutes and help yourself out!  I've seen many girls and guys go through these stages.  It actually changes the hair over time, and your hair is healthier and shiner than you ever thought could happen!  Believe me, It makes people happy.  People who think it's just them.  They were just born with dry greasy limp hair.  NOT SO my friend!  So this winter, just like your house, winterize your hair with moisture, and exfoliate each time you shampoo!  You're worth it!